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NESS Cares
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NESS Cares Co-Pay Program's goal is to assist families with funding co-pay for a variety of special needs and mental health services in New York.

NESS Cares’ most urgent goal is to subsidize copays for behavioral health services for those with behavioral health needs. We believe that it is of the greatest importance that these services be continued regardless of a family’s ability to pay. It is for this vital program that we seek to support.

Many with disabilities need behavioral healthcare in order to support their mental well-being, and indeed their lives. In the best of times, people with disabilities struggle to make themselves heard by professionals and pay for the care they need. During the pandemic, even more, people struggled to meet their copays for behavioral health services.

NESS Co-pay Grants Open in 2022

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Special Note: Chuck E. Cheese donates up to 20% of the sales generated from this event to the NESS Cares Co-Pay Initiative Fund. Friends and family members are encouraged to help support this event.

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