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Support NESS's efforts in helping people with disabilities.
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Auction for Mission will support NESS programs. 100% of all proceeds go toward the NESS programs, including:

 Sensory Bag Initiative: Our sensory bag initiative program aims to enhance a therapeutic environment through a  Sensory Toy inside the NESS Cares Bag. 

Co-Pay Assistance: NESS Cares’ most urgent goal is to subsidize copays for behavioral health services for those with behavioral health needs. 

witNESS Growth Therapy Bus: NESS Cares is in the process of establishing our Space for Growth program. Classrooms and therapeutic offices are designed for ease of learning and skills practice, but many children don’t have access to these spaces. NESS Cares will attend to this lack of space by holding several kinds of IEP accommodated therapy in a bus.